Syrp Pan Tilt Kit

Syrp Pan Tilt Kit

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This kit includes:
1. Syrp Genie Mini x2
2. Syrp Pan Tilt Bracket x1
*camera cable is sold separately. If you want to synconize your camera shutter with Genie Mini motion, you have to order one.

The perfect accessory for adding dynamic motion for timelapse and film-making.

The Genie Mini Pan Tilt Bracket provides all you need to create smooth 2-axis time-lapse and real-time video, in combination with the genie this provides an additional tracking axis.


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  • What cable do I need to buy for linking my Nikon D810 with the Syrp Pan Tilt Kit? Also what cable do I need to buy for linking my D750 with a genie mini?

    Hi, for Nikon D850 you are using the 1N cable,
    and for Nikon D750, that’s going to be the 3N cable.