Clearance Sales Terms and Conditions

Clearance Sales Terms & Conditions


不提供產品查詢| 請自行在網上找查相關產品資訊, 所有產品已全數展示在下列中, 這類查詢將不會回覆。

不設退款退貨| 所有產品都是全新產品(除非列明),並不會因任何理由而作出退款換款退貨等。

只限順豐速遞到付| 所有含有清貨/減價產品的訂單,只限順豐速遞到付, 而不論在結算時選擇任何一個派送方法。「到付」意即由買家支付運費,由運送公司直接向買家收取。 因運費由運送公司決定,本店在結帳時, 運費會顯示為零。詳細收費如需查詢,請自行聯絡順豐速遞。

只限網上選購| 所有清貨產品只限網上選購, 請勿到門市欲購, 避免白行一趟。

產品數量 如能加進購物車, 即該產品在系統中有存貨可以購買, 但若發現系統與實際數量不符, 本公司會自行將訂單中多出的產品取消並將貨款退回而不作個別通知。



These are all Sale and Clearance items, please read carefully before you purchase.

No Enquiries| Please check compatibility and availability by yourself. All available products are displayed below. Your enquiries regarding to and sale and clearance items will not be answered.

No return, refund or whatsoever| All items are brand new and sold as is (unless stated), we will not provide any refund, return what so ever with any reason/s.

SF Express delivery only, recipient payable|  Any order with Sale and Clearance item/s inside are NOT eligible for Free Shipping and Local Pick up , even you chose it at check out. We only send via SF express (recipient/buyer payable). If you want for an estimation of delivery cost, please contact SF express directly.

Online only | All Sale and Clearance products are online ONLY. Please do not attempt to purchase at our physical store.

Quantity| If you can add the item to cart, meaning the item is in stock. However, if we found out the actual quantity is different from the online system, we will automatically cancel the item and refund to you without specific notification.

If you made any purchase on Sale and Clearance product/s in this online shop, meaning you have read and agree the terms above.