Bota de Vino Tela Lino 1 litro Lino
Bota de Vino Tela Lino 1 litro Lino

Bota de Vino Tela Lino 1 litro Lino

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Handmade in Spain since 1899, this bota, lino exterior with a latex interior. Approx 7.5" wide and 9.5' height. Can hold up to 1L liquid. Suitable for carrying wine or water or any Kind of drink you like.

*Due to the handcrafted nature of this item, some imperfections may occur and are a natural part of the hand-made process.

西班牙由人手製作, 外層是麻布,內裡的乳膠內膽是製造奶咀的材料,符合歐洲食物容器安全標準。

Handmade in Spain
Width: 7.5”
Height : 9.5”
Capacity: Around 1 Liter

Fill Bottle with clear water (add small amount of detergent if necessary), then shake vigorously. Repeat 3 to 4 times. Drain thoroughly and place it upside down in a ventilated area.

Alcohol, Sweet and/or strong flavor beverages are not recommended. Any liquid over 50c should not be allowed.

This bottle will have slight smell of latex when new, will dissipate in time.  When not in use, leave the cap open and place in a ventilated place. Keep surface dry to avoid fading of color. If surface get messy, clean it with regular suede cleaner. 

“Bot de Vino Jesus Blasco S.L.” was found in 1899, is now operated by their 5th generation. Inner layer is made of same latex use for pacifier. Which compiles with  Germany’s Food Container Safety Standard.


注入清水, 用力搖晃, 有需要可以加入少量清潔液. 重覆3-4次 之後將皮水壺倒吊於通風的地方, 讓入面的水份徹底流出 建議不要用於酒精, 甜味或濃味的飲品。清水或茶最適合。
不可放熱水, 水壺不會保溫.
新購買時同一般新水壺一樣有點膠味, 多用數次味道就會消散. 平常收藏時需要將瓶蓋打開讓空氣流通。否則味道不會消散。

水壺表面不要濕水, 因為有可能會導致退色. 如果弄濕請用乾布擦乾。 用完之後請將水壺放於通風處避免皮革發霉. 緊記要保持乾爽。 
如果表面弄污, 可用清潔皮革用品漏潔。

西班牙傳統水壼. "Bota de Vino Jesus Blasco S.L."成立於1899年, 經歷了五代人的經營. 每個水壺到現在依然在西班牙由人手將皮縫合製成, 原本是用於存放紅酒, 現在已發展成可盛載任何飲料, 內層乳膠內膽, 是製造奶咀的材料. 合乎最嚴格的德國食品容器安全標準。

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